April 2016 Dividend Income Update


Better late than never!  I’m finally ready to report my April dividend income.  Last month didn’t come close to my March totals as expected, but the accounts are still growing and that’s all that matters.

Key Stats

Dividend Income

In April I received a total of $162.15 in my two portfolios: $40.00 in my Empire portfolio and $122.15 in my Retirement portfolio.

These values represent a 82% increase for my Empire portfolio and a 10% decrease for my Retirement portfolio compared to my January income.

These look like some odd numbers on the surface but they are easily explained.  The massive increase in the Empire is due to Coca Cola (KO) not paying out in January (they are on the Apr-Jul-Oct-Dec schedule).  The decrease in dividend income in the Retirement portfolio is due to the odd payment schedules for Pepsi (PEP) and Disney (DIS) – which both pay out in January but not in April.

Dividend Income by Month


A full year has passed now (anniversary post hopefully coming soon) and I’m quite pleased with my progress.  I’m really looking forward to finally looking at year-over-year comparisons next month!


Here is a breakdown of the companies that paid me in April:

April 2016 Dividends Received

I received a 4 payments in the Empire portfolio and 6 payments in my Retirement portfolio.  The DRIPs that I have set up in my Empire account increased my forward annual income by $1.84.

Pay raises:

There were only 2 dividend increases for me last month but they were good ones.  Qualcomm (QCOM) gave me a 10% raise and Johnson and Johnson (JNJ) gave me a 7% raise.

April 2016 Dividend Increases

Forward Income:

Unfortunately I didn’t make any purchases in my portfolios other than my monthly Loyal3 contributions and DRIPs so my forward income didn’t increase much:

Forward Income Progress

Progress Against Goals:

My dividend goals for 2016 are to receive at least $1000 worth of dividends in my Empire portfolio and $3000 in my Retirement portfolio.  Here is my progress through April:

Dividend Progress Against Goals

It always looks like I’m falling behind during these low dividend months but come June I’m expecting another big jump (just like March).

Check out my Historical Data page where I have organized all of my monthly incomes, updates and screens (with links).  Thanks for stopping by and I hope you all have a great May!

Disclosure: Long all stocks mentioned in this article.

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2 Responses

  1. DivHut says:

    Judging by those charts above it looks like you are headed int he right direction. Sure, April income tends to be less than March but as long as you can put up good year over year increases you should do well long term. Nice to see dividend raises coming your way too. Thanks for sharing!

    • Dividend Empire Dividend Empire says:

      Thanks DivHut! Congrats on your killer month too! That’s a very impressive year over year increase.


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