June 2016 Buys


June was a great month for me in terms of dividend income.  But unfortunately I didn’t have time to write up my purchases for the month, so now I’d like to review all of my June buys in this post.

June 2016 Transactions

I made a total of 15 purchases; 10 in the Empire Portfolio and 5 in my Retirement Portfolio.  There was one new purchase, one large addition to an existing position and several small DRIPs / monthly Loyal3 buys.

While I’m happy to say that my contributions to the Retirement portfolio were substantial ($5,556.47), my Empire contributions were a measly $221.36.  I want this amount to be at least $500 each month so I’m making this a priority moving forward.

On to some details…

6/13/2016 – 50 Shares of Microsoft (MSFT)

My initial purchase of MSFT was back on April 22, 2015 when I purchased 70 shares at $43.04.  Microsoft has since treated me quite well, paying me a total of $119 in dividends and increasing in value by $9.26/share as of this writing (~$650 unrealized gain).

I decided to add to my position (now 120 shares total) after Microsoft announced their plans to acquire LinkedIn.  After hitting a high of nearly $57 a couple of times MSFT pulled back to the $50 range.  I find this price very attractive since I believe it is a bargain price and also sits on a very strong support level.

MSFT Support Level

Weekly chart of MSFT drawn on the ThinkOrSwim platform. Previous resistance at $50 has turned into a very strong support level.

If you are interested in why I believe MSFT is a bargain at $50 check out this article.  The author shares my views on the company so I won’t go into any detail here.


6/27/2016 – 40 Shares of Visa (V)

I’ve had Visa on my watch list since I started dividend growth investing.  Unfortunately I just kept on missing all of the dips.  I finally pulled the trigger last month and picked up 40 shares.

Visa is a bit pricey but it is for a good reason – strong growth.  This company has been high on my list for one reason: great EPS growth + low payout ratio = big time dividend growth.

Visa Dividend Growth


Other Buys

The rest of my purchases were either small Loyal3 purchases or DRIPs so I won’t go into any details.

July Goals

I’m hoping to contribute at least $500 to Empire, $3000 to Retirement and $1500 to other investments.

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9 Responses

  1. DivHut says:

    Looks like you had a pretty busy June. That’s a lot of separate buys to have in a month. Nice to see you are continuing to contribute fresh capital at a time when the market is climbing higher and higher. I only made two separate buys in June which was a lot considering I only made one buy each month for the four months prior. Thanks for sharing.

    • Dividend Empire Dividend Empire says:

      Thanks for stopping by DivHut. Like you, I really only made two real purchases. The rest were DRIPs or Loyal3 monthly buys. I’m hoping to improve on that in the coming months. But still, better to invest some than to invest none!

      Take care,


  2. mat says:

    Excellent buys!
    are you always automatically DRIPing on the stocks that you commented above ?

    • Dividend Empire Dividend Empire says:

      Thanks! Yes, for now I am automatically DRIPing all of these stocks. I plan on discontinuing this practice once my dividend income exceeds $500 per quarter. This amount would allow me to selectively reinvest the dividend income into a stock of my choosing each quarter without commissions killing me. TradeKing commissions are currently $4.95 per transaction which would be <1% of a $500 purchase.

      I am currently making just over $200 per quarter, meaning I would have to wait about 7 months between each purchase to hit my $500 threshold. For me, that is just too much time to have my cash sitting around doing nothing. Until then, automatic reinvesting (for free) is best in my opinion.

      Take care,


      • mat says:

        in my case is the same. like i wrote you in the past, i am based on Israel and using an israeli bank like a broker (~13 $ commissions !). I plan maybe in the future to use Interactive Brokers that works outside the US but i have read that with IB you must reinvest all the dividend stocks or none of them, i mean you can’t select specific ones. Alternatively i am very interested in joining direct programs of historical companies like Realty Income, Air Liquide (france) and other europe/US companies.
        Do you know those programs? for example:




        • Dividend Empire Dividend Empire says:

          Hi Mati – I have not personally used those programs but I have heard good things about them. Seems to me that Interactive Brokers might be a good idea for you if you are paying $13 commissions right now. With ~$1 commissions per trade you could easily pool your dividend income and selectively reinvest. Best of luck to you!


  3. FerdiS says:

    Those are nice buys, Ken — I own MSFT but not V, which is a little to pricey for me at the moment. Best of luck with your goals for July and happy investing!

    • Dividend Empire Dividend Empire says:

      Thanks. I’ve been saying V is too pricey since it was in the low 60’s but it just kept on going up. Gotta get in at some point and I felt the recent dip was a good opportunity. Best of luck to you as well.


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