Loyal3 Dividend Stocks

Loyal3 provides investors with a great way to accumulate some quality stocks with no commissions and only a $10 minimum investment.

They currently (as of December 31, 2016) offer 70 different stocks.  Since their motto is “Own What You Love,” most of these stocks are in the consumer goods, services and technology sectors.  These are the companies that us consumers directly interact with and therefore “love” (or hate).

Check out Loyal3.com or my previous post on MCD accumulation for more details on the company.  The goal of this post is to lay out the benefits of Loyal3 and to provide information on all of the dividend paying stocks that Loyal3 has to offer.

Who Can Benefit From Loyal3

Any investor can benefit from what Loyal3 has to offer, but investors with very little capital will benefit the most.  If someone has $100 to invest, commissions from most brokerages will eat up 5-10% of your purchase price for a single stock.  So you can forget about diversifying that money into several different stocks.  Loyal3 makes this type of investing possible.  That same investor could spread $100 across 10 different stocks with Loyal3 and pay $0 in commissions.

How do I use Loyal3?  My general rule is to never pay over 1% of my purchase price in commissions.  I use TradeKing for my Empire portfolio where the commissions are a very reasonable $4.95 per trade.  So whenever I get a chunk of money that passes the 1% rule (over $500) it goes to TradeKing so I have the flexibility to buy any stock I want.  However, if I’m only able to scrape up between $10-$500 I use Loyal3 to avoid breaking my 1% rule.  This money typically comes from bowling tournaments, selling things on eBay or other random sources.

I also use Loyal3 as a monthly dollar cost averaging strategy.  I currently invest $25-$100 per month into MCD, AXP, SBUX, BUD, AMZN and GOOGL ($350 total per month) and plan on increasing these amounts (and the number of positions) regularly.


Loyal3 For Dividend Growth Investors

But what can Loyal3 offer all of us dividend growth investors?  A big chunk of my investment strategy involves dividend growth investing – buying dividend paying stocks that regularly increase their dividends.  Luckily there are plenty of Loyal3 dividend stocks to choose from, many of which have growing dividends.

To be exact, 43 out of the 70 stocks on Loyal3 pay a dividend and 26 of them are on the CCC list.  This means that these 26 stocks have raised their dividend annually for at least 5 consecutive years!  Not a bad pool of stocks to choose from, especially when you don’t have to pay any commissions.

I’m sure this is all old news to most experienced investors.  What I really want to provide in this post is a list of dividend growth stocks available at Loyal3 with the stock information updated near real-time.  Loyal3.com does not offer any tools to research stocks, and it would take quite a bit of time to get dividend yields and dividend growth rates for every Loyal3 dividend stock.

I have organized all of that information for you.  Below I have split the 43 dividend paying stocks available at Loyal3 into 2 different tables.  The first table includes the 26 stocks that have made the CCC list, ranked by consecutive years of dividend increases.  The second table includes the remaining 17 dividend paying stocks ranked by yield.

Stock price and current yield will be updated automatically near real-time by Google Finance, assuming they don’t change their layout.  Consecutive years of dividend increases and 5 year dividend growth rates were pulled from the most recent CCC list (December 2016).  I will attempt to update these two values every few months since they don’t change very often.  If you notice any errors or if there are new dividend paying stocks available at Loyal3 that I have missed please let me know in the comments section.

If you are not able to view the tables below you can access the Google Sheet file HERE.


Loyal3 Dividend Stocks on the CCC List



Other Loyal3 Dividend Stocks


Is anyone else using Loyal3 for dividend growth investing?  What do you think of Loyal3?  Let me know in the comments section below!


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29 Responses

  1. Dividend Empire,
    Thanks for sharing! Loyal 3 seems like a great brokerage firm to minimize transaction fees. I am going to certainly check into it. Keep up the great posts.
    Take care

    • Dividend Empire Dividend Empire says:

      Glad you enjoyed the post LOMD! I think investing at Loyal3 is a great way to supplement your main brokerage account. Definitely have a look!


  2. DE,
    I’m a big fan of Loyal3 and using it to DCA into 10 stocks right now. It’s very easy to use and commission free. Nice spreadsheets you have here. I’ve been meaning to do something similar.

    • Dividend Empire Dividend Empire says:

      Wow that’s great that you are diversifying across 10 stocks in loyal3! I’m only at 3 right now but I’ll add WMT soon I believe. I’m glad you liked the spreadsheets.

      Take care,


  3. vivianne says:

    I haven’t used Loyal 3 yet, I’ve heard many great things about it. It offer IPO at the IPO price sometimes. Which is wonderful, because many IPO can trade at 20-50% higher from the IPOs price on the first day.

    I probably won’t use Loyal 3 unless something dramatically changes with my bank, as I get free trades from BAC and WFC :)

    • Dividend Empire Dividend Empire says:

      Wow that’s amazing that you get free trades from BAC and WFC! No need for Loyal3 in that case unless you wanted to participate in some IPOs. Thanks for stopping by Vivianne.


  4. Brian says:

    I discovered L3 back in April. I’ve gotten to just about 10 shares of both HSY and SBUX. I can’t say enough how satisfied I am with L3, knowing that every penny is pure profit. I’m excited to see what new blue chips that they can reel in during the next few months.

    • Dividend Empire Dividend Empire says:

      That’s awesome Brian! I still only have about $300 in there but I plan on contributing a significant amount in the coming months. There are a few stocks offered by Loyal3 that I’m itching to own (especially WMT). Thanks for stopping by and good luck with your investing!


  5. Alan says:

    Thanks for listing these. Loyal3 should have more info on their site about the stocks but I guess limiting fees means a Spartan website. I picked five to invest in since last October: aapl,vfc, sbux, dis,fb. I’m planning on selecting 5 more. Top of my list are msft,nke,lb,mat,tgt, stor.

    • Dividend Empire Dividend Empire says:

      No problem Alan I’m glad you enjoyed the list. I like all of the stocks you listed there. I currently own AAPL, DIS, MSFT and TGT and NKE is at the top of my wish list.

      Take care,


  6. Jeff says:

    Hi there, any idea on how loyal3 works with the dividend? Just recently started using it and unsure if the dividends get deposited back into the loyal3 account or the connected checking account, any insight would be appreciated.

    • Dividend Empire Dividend Empire says:

      Hi Jeff. All of the dividends that I have received from Loyal3 have been deposited back into my Loyal3 account.

      As of this writing, they do not offer automatic reinvestment of the dividends so I just apply the cash balance to my automatic monthly purchases.

      Let me know if you have any other questions.

      – Ken

      • antoinette davis says:

        What companies are good for dividends that you noticed I can’t see the list.

        • Dividend Empire Dividend Empire says:

          Hello Antoinette

          That is a tough question! If you are just looking for the highest yield then KSS, M, MAT, FTR would be good stocks just to name a few. If you are asking which companies have good dividends AND are good companies to own that’s a whole different story. I don’t have time to go into a deep analysis of all of the available stocks but some of my personal favorites that I hold in my portfolios are KO, MCD, MSFT, NKE, HAS, TWX, DIS and SBUX.

          Take care,


  7. Reno Ryan says:

    Kraft and FTR reinvest dividends.. All other companies, it is dumped into the cash account. -Ryan

    • Dividend Empire Dividend Empire says:

      Thank you for the correction Ryan! Do you have to request the dividend reinvestment for Kraft and FTR or is it automatic?


  8. Max says:

    Great Loyal3 info here. Are you going to update your spreadsheets with the latest additions to the Loyal3 stock list?

    • Dividend Empire Dividend Empire says:

      Thank you, Max! Glad you enjoyed the post. Thanks for reminding me about the new additions. It looks like Loyal3 has added NFLX, AXP and TSLA. All great stocks but just one dividend payer – AXP. It doesn’t quite make the CCC list yet so I’ve added it to the “Other Loyal3 Dividend Stocks” list.

      Take care,


  9. JB says:

    Been hearing about Loyal3 and they are all good comments and feedback about it. It’s indeed worth one’s time to contemplate investing in with only $10 to start earning amply!

  10. Andre says:

    Been using loyal3 for about a week now. Decide to join when the Brexit thing went down cause stock prices plummeted which made them riskier but also more affordable. The question I would like to ask though is. Is there a way to transfer my stock to another brokerage firm. Although Loyal3 is commission free. Due to it being a batch trading system it takes time for transactions to go through. Basically what I am asking is there a way to purchase stock through loyal3 transfer stock and sell it through another brokerage. That way you can buy commission free with loyal3 and cut the pending transaction time when you need to sell fast

    • Dividend Empire Dividend Empire says:

      Hello Andre. I know that Loyal3 allows you to transfer stocks to other brokerage firms but I don’t think you would be able to do it frequently. You would have to ask them to be sure. Either way this sounds like a hassle.

      Perhaps you should look into opening an account with Robinhood. They are another commission free broker. The advantages are that they have a lot more stocks available to trade and the transactions are instantaneous. The one negative is that they do not allow the purchase of fractional shares. Therefore I use Loyal3 just for my automatic monthly buys (set amount of $ buys me fractional shares), then I use Robinhood for all other small purchases (< $500) and TradeKing for larger purchases (>$500).

      Thanks for stopping by!


  11. Andre says:

    Hey Ken thanks for the advice and your right it would be a hassle paperwork wise, but upon a little more research. I have found that it is a way to cheat the system. If the circumstances are right. If you purchase shares with loyal3 and you are completely satisfied with your amount of shares ( in other words you are not making monthly payments and your purchase is seriously one time only) then transferring to Robinhood would be ideal in a sense. There is no fee for incoming ACAT with robinhood which if I’m understanding is correct it’s the form for which to do such transfers. So ideally you could create a safety net with your one time purchases by switching it over to another commission free ACAT free firm thats deals in realtime and only pay a selling fee if your stock begins to plummet and you wish to sell immediately. I’m very new to the stock market and still trying to learn everything there is to know so I can make solid choices on when to buy and sell So the idea of needing to sell in realtime is a big deal for those of us who do not have the inside track knowledge of when the market is about to crumble. I believe the idea is possible without having to pay a single fee to do the transfer.

  12. Jacob says:

    I think 21st Century Fox should be on the other dividend stocks list?

  13. Geoff Codlyn says:

    I have being reading your news letter/blog, and it encourage me to buy dividend stocks. however, where is the best place to see a good time to buy dividend stocks that is on loyal3?

    • Dividend Empire Dividend Empire says:

      Hello Geoff

      Thanks for reading! That is a really tough question to answer. I use Loyal3 for automatic monthly investments so I don’t try to time the market. When I make larger purchases in my TradeKing account I look for companies I believe to be undervalued.

      My Loyal3 strategy has been working well so far, as I am up quite a bit on all of my “monthly buy” stocks (see MCD, HSY). I pick a company I like that has promising growth prospects then I set up a monthly investment and let it go.

      As for a specific place to go to for finding good times to buy I don’t really have an answer. I use a number of resources including Nasdaq.com, gurufocus.com, company website / earnings reports, etc to do my own evaluation of potential holdings.

      Hope this helps and good luck on your investments!


  14. Guy says:

    I just discovered Loyal3 and your blog. Thank you for your tips and your Loyal3 spread sheet from last year. It’s very helpful. I am brand new to this. Since I am just investing $10 or $20 in a few stocks per month, is it worth it to invest it in a stock that pays dividends or should I invest in something like Alphabet or Amazon that don’t pay dividends but look like their stock prices will keep rising. My plan is to just keep investing long term.

    • Dividend Empire Dividend Empire says:

      Congrats on getting started in the world of investing! That is a very difficult question to answer because it is really just a matter of personal preference – both strategies work. Since this is a website focused on dividend growth investing that is mostly what I talk about here. But dividend growth investing is just one (large) component of my overall investing strategy. I am a big fan of total returns (dividends + capital gains) and some of my other portfolios focus on high growth stocks that pay no dividends.

      My recommendation is to research companies and determine which ones you think will grow over time. Not just grow their dividend but grow revenues (which supports dividend growth). These companies should also have a clear path forward in terms of new products, services or strategies (new markets, increased efficiency, cost cutting, etc) to support this growth. If the companies you find happen to pay dividends that is great! Take your time selecting a few great companies, set up automatic monthly investments and your accounts will grow in the long term.

      Hopefully I’ve answered your question. If you have any follow up questions or want more details on certain aspects of investing don’t hesitate to ask. Either drop more comments here or email me at ken@dividendempire.com.

      Take care,


  15. Bill K says:

    Thank you Ken for sharing this info. Dividends are a great way to invest.

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