Here you will find all of the dividend stock resources that I use for dividend growth investing & maintaining this website.



I have used many brokers in my 15 years of trading / investing and TradeKing is BY FAR the best. Most of my funds for my Dividend Empire portfolio are in TradeKing. I used to be a high volume options trader and that was my initial reason for choosing TradeKing. They have very low fees – $4.95 flat fee per transaction + $0.65 per contract (if you are trading options).

After switching from options trading to dividend growth investing I decided to stay with TradeKing because I am very familiar with them, it’s only $4.95 per trade, they have excellent research tools and their customer service is phenomenal. I am also planning on doing some minor options trading in the future for the sole purpose of accumulating stock or generating income (writing puts to acquire stock or selling covered calls when appropriate).

My only complaint (a very minor one) is that they don’t have very good portfolio tracking tools. I am a very visual person and I like seeing my performance over time, portfolio diversification, etc. Luckily I love tracking these things myself (with Google Docs) so this is a non-issue.



This site was really a no-brainer for me. Loyal3 allows you to purchase stock (one-time purchase or automatic recurring purchases) for FREE. Well you don’t get the stocks for free but there are no commissions. The only downside is that you have to choose from the list of stocks that are on their site – which are mostly goods, services and a few tech giants. Luckily a lot of the stocks they offer are perfect for dividend growth investors. I am currently using them to accumulate shares of MCD, HSY and GPS but I plan on expanding my loyal3 holdings soon.


Tools & Research

CCC List: My #1 resource to find dividend growth stocks.  I use these lists as the basis for all of my screens.  This site also contains links to the Canadian Dividend All-Star list and the UK Dividend Champions list.

Seeking Alpha: Great place to set up and track a portfolio or watch list. They also offer tons of great articles and news updates that you can receive by email automatically.

25+ Year Dividend Increase Stocks: Companies that have increased their dividends every year for at least 25 years (from

10+ Year Dividend Increase Stocks: Companies that have increased their dividends every year for at least 10 years (from

Stock Dividend History: Get the dividend history of any stock from  I also use for analyst research.


Bluehost: I currently use Bluehost to host my website. I was up and running in about 10 minutes and I have never had a problem (on this site or any previous sites I have owned over the past 5 years). They are very reasonable, especially if you pre-pay for a couple of years.

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