Freedom Fund

The Freedom Fund is a stock portfolio that my wife and I started up in May 2016.  Other than our Retirement portfolio (part of our 401k), the majority of our savings goes into the Empire portfolio – a stock portfolio that we have created for our descendants.

We decided that we need to do a bit more for ourselves so we are beginning to set aside some money in other portfolios, including the Freedom Fund.  While the Retirement and Empire portfolios are strictly focused on dividend growth investing, the Freedom Fund will be a mix of dividend, growth and pure speculation.

This page will provide a near real-time picture of our current holdings.  Any new transactions will be updated same-day and I also plan on writing a monthly update of all of my non-dividend growth portfolios.

Freedom Fund

Portfolio Info:

  • Goal: Aggressive growth
  • Monthly contributions: At least $200/mo
  • Brokers used: Loyal3, TradeKing, Robinhood