Averaged Down On Realty Income Corp (O)

I finally made my first purchase of the month!  Sorry, nothing too exciting here – just a good old fashioned average down of a stock that’s been pounded since the end of January.


Realty Income Corp (O) is down about 9% since I originally purchased it back in April because of the “rate panic.”  As far as I can tell the fundamentals of this company have not changed and as Dividend Mantra and others like to say – if I liked it at $49.50 I should love it at $45.70!

In addition to this being a fundamentally sound company, the Realty Income Corp dividend is not going away anytime soon.  In fact, they will most likely raise it again next month to maintain their quarterly dividend increase streak.

I made this purchase for a couple of different reasons besides the fact that it is a great company that should probably be in every dividend growth portfolio.  As I mentioned above, my original purchase was down 9% and O is now right around a 5% dividend yield – a psychologically comforting level.  It is also sitting on very strong support ($45.50) that has proven sturdy several times this year.  I know I said the same thing about my last purchase price but this support level is much stronger.  And hey, if it breaks through and drops to $40 I’ll just buy more!

I won’t spend any more time analyzing Realty Income Corp since my original purchase article provides a short analysis if you are interested.  In this post I will just focus on the details around my new purchase.

Stock Purchase: Realty Income Corp (O)

  • Sector: Financials
  • Industry: REIT – Retail
  • Purchase date: 6/4/2015
  • Portfolio: Dividend Retirement portfolio
  • Shares purchased: 65
  • Cost per share: $45.72
  • Commissions: $14.95
  • Cost basis: $2986.75
  • Yield on cost: 4.95%
  • Forward income: $147.81

This new purchase makes me the proud owner of 125 total shares of O with a new cost basis of $5,969.30.  This represents 13% of my dividend retirement portfolio, now my largest holding.  My yield on cost for the position increased from 4.59% to 4.77% with this addition and I can now expect O to bring in a total of $285 per year of dividend income.

This addition also had a substantial impact on my portfolio yield on cost and my portfolio forward income.  My portfolio yield on cost increased from 3.17% to 3.29% and my forward income is now $1,483.68.

My Dividend Retirement portfolio has been updated to reflect the addition of 65 shares of O.


What do you think of this purchase?  Should I have waited for a further decrease in price?  Please let me know in the comments section below!

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4 Responses

  1. Div Empire,

    Congrats on averaging down. You know we’re big fans as we have slowly added to our original 20 shares with several subsequent purchases. We are happy to see more shares going into rational investor’s portfolios. Thank you for sharing your purchase and enjoy those growing monthly dividends.

    All the best.


    • Dividend Empire Dividend Empire says:

      Thanks FD! Nice to see that you think I’m a rational investor. Sometimes I wonder…Congrats on your O purchases as well.


  2. Vivianne says:

    I keep seeing you paying for commission. $10 per trade adds up. Have you looking into Bank of America? You will have free 100 trades just to have a total of $25k from all of your accounts added together. That way you don’t have to make “big” purchase each time. 5-10 shares of something then average up or down.

    I own some O. I dig the monthly dividend. I bought it at $49 watched to go up to $53 then back to $45. If the rate go up for sure, in short term, it will drive REIT share price down. So I’m holding up buying REIT at the moment.

    It’s funny that when the job market go down, all other sector go up except my banking sector. Now the economy go up, fear of rate increase drive down all other sector. Now my finance stocks go up. Conclusion, I can control or predict anything, but all I know is each month, I got quite a few checks from different companies. They are all been here forever, they will not going anywhere regardless how the general market is doing,

    • Dividend Empire Dividend Empire says:


      Unfortunately I don’t have the option to change brokerage firms since this is a self directed account within my 401k. I just consider myself lucky to have the option to buy stocks instead of just a few mutual funds that most 401ks offer.

      That is why my typical purchase in this portfolio is around $3k. I anticipate having a large amount of funds in this portfolio so I’m comfortable with that amount. Plus a $14.95 commission equates to ~0.5% of the purchase price. Quite reasonable in my opinion.

      I’m not too worried about these short-term swings other than the fact that they present some good buying opportunities. Take care!


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