August 2015 Dividend Income

Yet another slow month in terms of dividend payments…

As I mentioned in my July dividend update, most of my stocks pay out on the March, June, September, December schedule.  I’ve recently picked up a few companies that pay out during the other months but I have to wait until next quarter for my first payments.  While my dividend income was rather boring, the market and my activity in these portfolios were far from it and I will post a general portfolio update shortly.  For now, let’s go through my dividends.

For those of you who are not familiar with my blog and portfolios, the Dividend Empire portfolio is strictly for my child, future children, their children and beyond.  I will never touch the money.  The Dividend Retirement portfolio will hopefully pay for my early retirement one day before eventually merging with the Empire portfolio.  Below I will report my dividend income for August and my progress towards reaching my dividend related goals for both of these portfolios.

Dividend Income

This being my 4th month of receiving dividends I can FINALLY make a fair comparison to a previous month to see how my income stream is growing.  This month I received a total of $164.71 in my two portfolios: $60.69 in my Empire portfolio and $104.02 in my Retirement portfolio.  Both portfolios received more dividends this month compared to May so I’m heading in the right direction!  Here are the details:

Dividend payments by month

I had a $0.69 increase in dividends in my Empire portfolio compared to May due to reinvesting my T & AAPL dividends last quarter.  My Retirement portfolio dividends increased $80.69 over May due to several purchases made over the past quarter and dividend increases from OHI and O.


Here is a breakdown of the companies that paid me in August:

Dividend Payment Table

I am currently automatically reinvesting all dividends in my Empire portfolio until my income reaches $500/quarter.  By reinvesting my T and AAPL dividends I was able to purchase 1.36 shares of T and 0.112 shares of AAPL which resulted in a $2.79 increase in my forward income.

Dividend reinvesting is not available in my Retirement portfolio (401k account) so all dividends are taken as cash and selectively reinvested.


I also received two pay raises this month – one in each portfolio:

Dividend Pay Raises

These two dividend increases will provide an additional $9.64 in forward annual income.  Adding my salary increases from dividend reinvestments brings my total pay raise for the month (excluding new purchases) to $12.43.  That’s an extra $12 per year with no action on my part!


I have set annual dividend goals for both of my portfolios when I first started out back in April.  My goal was to receive at least $500 in the Empire portfolio and $1500 in the Retirement portfolio.  Here is my progress against these dividend income goals:

Dividend Income Goal Progress

Although it looks like I’m behind quite a bit in the Empire portfolio, I am actually set to make about $550 this year assuming all companies pay on schedule.  Plus I am planning on making many more purchases this year so I will most likely destroy this goal.

The Retirement progress graph also looks pretty bad, and unfortunately it really is bad.  I made a mistake when I set this goal.  I had a large amount of capital to invest and I wrongfully assumed that I would allocate these funds quickly.  Instead, I have slowly made purchases, taking time to really research and understand the businesses that I am acquiring.  So long story short, this goal is out of reach.


That’s it for my dividend income update.  I have added my dividend income to my Historical Data page where I have organized all of my monthly incomes, updates and screens (with links).  I’ll post a portfolio update over the next couple of days to update the overall performance of both portfolios as well as my progress towards the rest of my goals.

Thanks for reading and I hope everyone had a great August!

Disclosure: Long all stocks mentioned in this article.

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8 Responses

  1. Vivianne says:

    Wow, you are very effective at building your dividend portfolio. I also like the fact that I can use the dividends to buy different companies to my liking. It’s better to make the conscious choice.

    • Dividend Empire Dividend Empire says:

      Thanks Vivianne. I agree it is best to selectively reinvest dividends. I’m just not making enough dividend income currently in my Empire portfolio to make significant purchases with them so I auto-reinvest. Besides, I think all of the stocks in that portfolio are undervalued right now so I don’t mind accumulating more at these prices.

      Take care,


  2. Div4son says:

    Ken, your dividend totals are heading in the right direction – so I wouldn’t be too upset on your Retirement Portfolio target. I bet you can correct this really soon by allocating the funds. Moreover, there are lots of opportunities coming up in the next few months.
    Thanks for sharing!

    • Dividend Empire Dividend Empire says:

      Thanks D4s. I’m not too upset about it – it was simply lack of experience at the beginning. I’m glad I decided to take my time instead of just throwing $100k at the market all at once. The totals are definitely heading in the right direction and I’m looking forward to spending the rest of my cash in a down market. Thanks for stopping by!


  3. DivHut says:

    You are well on your way. Just keep up the pace and don’t get discouraged. It’s always slow in the beginning but exciting to watch you passive income grow nonetheless. Looks like no names in common between our portfolios for August income. I’ll be posting my results in a few days. Thanks for sharing.

    • Dividend Empire Dividend Empire says:

      Thanks for the support DH. I’ll keep chugging along. My September report will hopefully lift my spirits a bit since I’m expecting some big numbers.

      Take care,


  4. Don’t beat yourself up too much over it. It isn’t a mistake, you set an ambitious goal that has pushed you to invest as much as possible to reach it and defeat it. No shame in that! If you are upset with yourself, I would just use this experience for next year’s goal setting process to set a slightly more attainable goal. But I like your ambition and drive, so make sure you don’t give that up just to create a goal that you can easily reach. It is better to reach for the stars than set a goal that won’t require you to leave the ground.

    Congrats on the great month!


    • Dividend Empire Dividend Empire says:

      Thanks for the encouragement Bert. I’m not really upset about it. At the beginning of my journey I was just eager to get started and I figured I would throw $100k at the market and all would be well. Instead I learned from all of you in the DGI community and I’ve patiently looked for good opportunities. I’m glad I changed my plans since now I have plenty of funds to take advantage of the pullback.

      Take care,


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