Stock Purchase: Nike (NKE)

It’s been 2 months since I made my last purchase and I just can’t believe it!  This is unacceptable and it is something that I will address in next year’s goals (coming soon).

I finally got around to researching some stocks and I really saw an opportunity in Nike (NKE).  I’ve been watching NKE for a while just waiting for a good entry.  Well NKE plummeted recently after reporting stellar earnings which is my favorite time to buy a stock.  I jumped all over it with a fairly large purchase in my retirement account.

In this post I’ll provide my purchase details and write up a brief analysis of Nike.

Stock Purchase: Nike (NKE)

  • Sector: Consumer Discretionary
  • Industry: Footwear
  • Purchase date: 12/23/2015
  • Portfolio: Dividend Retirement Portfolio
  • Shares purchased: 50*
  • Cost per share: $64.30*
  • Commissions: $14.95
  • Cost basis: $3229.95
  • Yield on cost: 0.99%
  • Forward income: $32

*Split adjusted

Company Overview:

NIKE, Inc. designs, develops, markets and sells footwear, apparel, and equipment, accessories and services.  Source – TradeKing.

Nike has posted incredible revenue and earnings growth over the last few years.  Their operating margin is expected to increase because of higher pricing, lower raw material costs and growth in higher margin areas (direct to consumer).

Combining margin increases with Nike’s constant product innovation, there is no reason to believe this revenue growth will stop.  They have also recently accelerated their stock repurchases to enhance shareholder value.

NKE Revenue Growth

NKE Earnings Growth

* Estimate


Nike’s dividend has also increased at a very steady 15-16% annually since 2010.  The NKE dividend yield is currently a little low but with these increases and Nike’s growth prospects I feel like a low yield is acceptable.

NKE Dividend Growth

As I said earlier, I believe the recent dip in share price presents a great buying opportunity.  In addition, S&P Capital IQ has a $74 12-month price target on NKE.  Whether or not this holds true is irrelevant to me.  I feel confident that this will be an excellent long-term hold.

These 50 shares of NKE have added $32 to my forward annual dividend total which now sits at $2668.92.  My Dividend Retirement portfolio has been updated to reflect this new position.

What are you thoughts on NKE?  Do you think this was the right time to buy?  Please let me know in the comments section below!

Disclosure: Long NKE.

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11 Responses

  1. Good pickup Ken. I bought a bit recently as well, love their dividend growth track record. This position should serve well long into the future!

    • Dividend Empire Dividend Empire says:

      Thanks Blake. Happy to be a fellow shareholder on this one. I like all of your recent buys over there – my next couple of purchases will likely be similar.

      Take care,


  2. mati says:

    thanks for the report,
    i understand that this type of stock is almost always premium valued … isn’t ?
    i see a super exponential increment in their share price…
    i am also very interested in it


    • Dividend Empire Dividend Empire says:

      Hi Mati – Yes, NKE is almost always valued at a premium. This is for a good and valid reason – their growth is incredible. As long as this growth continues I believe a PE over 30 is fair and I’ll keep buying on dips.

      Take care,


      • mati says:


        do you have NKE in the watched list with the score analysis? i can’t find it..
        i mean beacause you said you have been watching this stock for a long time.

        • Dividend Empire Dividend Empire says:

          Unfortunately I haven’t had time to update my actual watch list in a while so NKE is not on it. I did mention NKE in my November Ranking post. It made the “notable stocks” list with a score of 6. I also put it in the Buy List / Need-To-Analyze list at the bottom of that post.


          • mati says:

            Ken, thanks for the response.
            I don;t know why i don’t receive email notifications … i click here to subscribe…. interesting


  3. Kevin B says:

    What were your thoughts on the PE of NKE prior to your purchase?

    • Dividend Empire Dividend Empire says:

      Hi Kevin. I typically stay away from high PE stocks but I just could not ignore NKE’s incredible growth.

      The PE has been steadily rising for years – going from 17.5 in 2011 to its recent peak of 33.5. I’m sure people were saying the PE was too high in 2012 when it was well into the 20’s. Those people really missed out and I don’t want that to happen to me.

      This is a very long-term hold, so if I’m wrong and a better entry presents itself in the future I’ll be happy to average down.

      Take care,


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