June 2015 Dividend Portfolio Updates

June has passed and I’m pleased to announce that it was by far the best month of my short dividend growth investing career. It’s amazing how time flies. I remember how anxious I was back in April when I was buying like crazy but still looking for my first dividend.

In May I received my first dividends in both my Dividend Empire and my Dividend Retirement portfolio which totaled $83.33.  I’ve also made a bunch of contributions and purchases.  All of this hard work finally paid off in June.  I completely blew away my previous months, collecting a total of $249.15 in my two dividend growth portfolios!!

In this post I will detail my transactions, dividends received and my progress against goals for both dividend portfolios.  For a description of each portfolio and how I fund each portfolio you can check out my post on my current investment plan.


June 2015 Dividend Empire Portfolio Update


This is the most depressing section.  We are in the process of selling our home and buying a new home so there is a lot of uncertainty around our financial situation.  For that reason I did not make any contributions to my TradeKing account other than dividends received and only added $50 to my Loyal3 account.  I wanted to have plenty of funds on hand just in case any surprises came up during these real estate transactions.

I did have some cash left over in my TradeKing account from last month so I was at least able to make a purchase.


Dividends Received:

Now for the good stuff.  I received six dividend payments in the Empire portfolio this month for a total of $58.81.  This is slightly below the $60 I received last month, which included a $47 payment from AT&T.

All dividends received in my TradeKing account are automatically reinvested and the shares purchased with these dividends increased my forward income $1.85.  Dividends received in my Loyal3 account were taken as cash and will be combined with next month’s contributions to make a purchase.


Date Ticker Div Amount Action Shares Purch Resulting Sh Salary Increase
6/1/2015 F $15.00 Reinvested 0.978 100.978 $0.59
6/1/2015 WFC $18.75 Reinvested 0.333 50.333 $0.50
6/10/2015 XOM $14.60 Reinvested 0.17 20.17 $0.50
6/17/2015 HSY $0.14 Cash 0
6/17/2015 MCD $0.44 Cash 0
6/29/2015 TROW $9.88 Reinvested 0.126 19.126 $0.26
Total: $58.81     Total: $1.85


Pay Raises:

I did not receive any dividend increases in the Empire portfolio.



Purchases made in addition to dividend reinvestments listed above:

  • 6/7/15 – 0.2743 shares of HSY (Loyal3)
  • 6/8/15 – 0.2634 shares of MCD (Loyal3)
  • 6/19/15 – 19 shares of WPC (TradeKing)


Forward Income Progression:

Forward Dividend Income Progress

Dividend Empire Portfolio

I was able to increase my forward income by $75.84 this month, better than the $48 increase in May.  At this pace I could possible break the $1k mark by the end of the year.


Progress Against Goals:

I have already achieved 4 of my annual goals in the empire portolio – initiate the portfolio with $15k, diversify across 5 sectors, have a portfolio YoC over 3% and start a blog.  Let’s see how I’m doing on my other 2 goals.

1. Have a portfolio value over $25k by the end of the year:

Progress Towards Account Value Goal

Dividend Empire Portfolio


The May data point did not include the cash in my accounts that I used to purchase WPC this month.  So realistically there was not much of an increase in account value from May to June.  I am still well within reach of my goal, needing to average $1064 per month to reach $25k by the end of the year.

2. Receive $500 in dividends this year:

Progress Towards Dividends Received Goal

Dividend Empire Portfolio

I’m starting to close the gap here.  I need to average $64 per month for the rest of the year to reach my goal of $500.  I will certainly fall short of this unless I start making some new purchases.  Pressure is on…


June 2015 Dividend Retirement Portfolio Update


This month I contributed $753.10 to my Retirement portfolio.  $578.16 came from my 401k contributions and company match and $174.94 came from dividends received.


Dividends Received:

I received 9 dividend payments this month for a total of $190.34.  This is by far a record for my Retirement portfolio – destroying the $23.33 I received last month.

All dividends received in this account are accumulated and combined with contributions to selectively reinvest in dividend growth stocks in the future.


Date Ticker Dividend / Sh Shares Div Amount Action
6/9/2015 JNJ $0.75 30 $22.50 Cash
6/10/2015 CVX $1.07 27 $28.89 Cash
6/11/2015 MSFT $0.31 70 $21.70 Cash
6/15/2015 O $0.19 60 $11.37 Cash
6/15/2015 ORI $0.19 195 $36.08 Cash
6/15/2015 CMP $0.66 33 $21.78 Cash
6/18/2015 HD $0.59 26 $15.34 Cash
6/30/2015 GLW $0.12 144 $17.28 Cash
Total: $190.34*

*Forgot to include UNP in the table – paid $15.40 on 6/30/2015

Pay Raises:

One stock in my Retirement portfolio, Realty Income Corp (O), raised it’s dividend last month.

Date Ticker Old New Old Annual New Annual % Increase
6/16/2015 O $0.1895 $0.1900 $2.274 $2.280 0.26%
    Position YoC Portfolio YoC
Old Salary New Salary Pay Raise Old New Old New
$284.25 $285.00 $0.75 4.76% 4.77% 3.35% 3.35%



Forward Income Progression:

Forward Income Progress - Retirement Portfolio

Dividend Retirement Portfolio


Through stock purchases and a single dividend pay raise my forward annual income increased $396.28 to a total of $1731.76 in June!  At this rate my forward income should be close to $4000 by the end of the year.


Progress Against Goals:

I set 4 goals for my Dividend Retirement portfolio this year:  Diversify across all sectors, own stock in 30 different companies, have an account value of at least $100k and receive at least $1500 in dividends.  Here is my progress:

1. Sector diversification:

Retirement Portfolio Sector Diversification

Dividend Retirement Portfolio

The only sectors I am missing are telecommunications and utilities.  There are currently no telecom stocks that catch my eye but I’m looking into Southern Co (SO) to potentially fill my utility void.

2. Own stock in 30 different companies: I currently own stock in 16 different companies.

3. $100k account value:

Progress Towards Account Value Goal - Retirement

Dividend Retirement Portfolio

This graph only tracks my investments and does not include cash on hand.  I have about $6k in cash and $42k worth of mutual funds that still need to be cashed in as part of my 401k conversion to dividend growth stocks.  I plan on aggressively buying stocks with these funds in the next couple of months.

4. $1500 in dividends:

Progress Towards Dividends Received Goal - Retirement

Dividend Retirement Portfolio

I’m starting to lose hope with this goal.  June, September and December are my best months for dividend income and this June hardly put a dent in my deficit.  I have received a total of $198.27 in dividends which leaves me with around $1300 to go.  I will need to average $217 per month for the rest of the year.  Unless I start doing some massive purchasing this one is out of reach.



So far on my journey I have received a total of $317.08 in dividends: $118.81 in the Empire portfolio and $198.27 in the Retirement portfolio.

Cumulative Dividends Received
In order to achieve some of my goals I need to really pick up the pace.  June was a slow month for me in terms of buying new stock.  There are a couple of reasons for this.  One, I just have a lot of things going on in my life (real estate transactions and took a vacation).  Second, I have been setting some low-ball limit orders looking to pick up some stocks at serious discounts.  In the coming months hopefully some of these will fill and/or I will find some other bargains to buy.  The capital is available, I just need to find the right stocks.

Even though I might not reach a couple of my goals I am still very pleased with my progress.  I have gone from receiving $0 in dividends back in April when I started my journey to $249.15 dividends just 2 months later in June.  I have also made numerous purchases of high quality dividend growth stocks that should continue to give me pay raises on my way to early retirement and building an empire for my descendants.


How was your June?  Is everyone on pace to meet their goals?  Let me know in the comments section below!

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16 Responses

  1. Wow…thats quite a report. Thanks for sharing. Looks liek you are doing really well with your progress so far…keep up the great work!

    Congrats on teh div income

    • Dividend Empire Dividend Empire says:

      Thanks for your support R2R! Feels great to finally have some steady dividends rolling in. Thanks for stopping by.


  2. Div4son says:

    Wow. Your report is very detailed. Good job! Just keep cranking the investments and the income will come.

    • Dividend Empire Dividend Empire says:

      Thanks D4S! I’m definitely going to step up the buying in July. Should be an exciting second half of the year!

      Take care


  3. That’s some fantastic progress in a very short time, Ken. Way to put those contributions to good work. You’re doing a good job of spreading the purchases out too, so keep at it. Wishing you luck with the house situation. Best Regards!

    • Dividend Empire Dividend Empire says:

      Thanks Ryan! Can’t wait to see what these portfolios look like years from now. You are one of the bloggers that helped send me down this path so thank you and please keep it up as well.

      The house situation is looking better finally. I think we are past the hard part. Hoping to close by the end of the month!

      Have a great July,


  4. Ken,

    Another fine month right there. And you’re ahead of a number of your goals this year. That bodes well for the back half of the year. :)

    Best of luck with the house transaction. I can imagine that’s stressful, so I hope you guys are able to move past it and into the new house. Sounds exciting.

    Keep up the great work!

    Best regards.

    • Dividend Empire Dividend Empire says:

      Thanks for your support! I set my sights a bit high for my retirement portfolio but all of my other goals are well within reach.

      We are very excited about the new house. Especially now that most of the stressful stuff is behind us.

      Thanks for the kind words and congrats on your incredible month!


  5. Ricardo says:

    Ken awesome progress there on all your dividends received. Looking like the money is piling up fast. Long may it continue.

    • Dividend Empire Dividend Empire says:

      Thank you Ricardo. The portfolios are really starting to shape up. Hopefully there will be plenty of good buying opportunities in July so I can start buying again.

      Best wishes,


  6. Tawcan says:

    Loving all these graphs that you showed us. Very detailed, this is maybe something I need to incorporate in our monthly income posts. Keep up the great work, your dividend income is rolling bigger and bigger.

    • Dividend Empire Dividend Empire says:

      Thanks Tawcan! Glad you liked the graphs. I can’t wait until I can start doing the year over year comparisons. Hope you have a great July!


  7. DivHut says:

    Great update. Those charts tell the whole story. Keep building that dividend snowball of yours and look forward to your progress in the second half of 2015.

    • Dividend Empire Dividend Empire says:

      Thanks DH! I’m hoping for a strong finish. Congrats on your great progress this year as well.


  8. Vivianne says:

    Wow, nice setup, once you have it all set up and ready to go the latter month is just plug and play, very cool.

    You are on track for earning $1000 out of $25000 investment, a true 4% yield!!that’s what we are shooting for, and you are able to you it in the early stage, this is wonderful. Keep up the good work!

    • Dividend Empire Dividend Empire says:

      Thanks for your support Vivianne! I’m really excited about the second half.

      Take care,


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